Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Passion Project

This is my passion project.
My passion project was to make a lava lamp.
here is an image of my lava lamp.
The ingredients needed to make this was,
vegetable oil, berocca tablets and food colouring. I had lots of fun making this. I hope you like it as well.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Passion Project

What is a Passion Project?

A passion project is when you can do any thing you want to learn build or make. For my passion project I am making a website that helps people understand what Tourettes is. Tourettes is a syndrome and people with Tourettes have uncontrollable moments called tics.

I decided to make this website because I love to help people and it would be tough living with Tourettes. I have been talking to an expert on tourettes. I have been emailing her for lots of info on Tourettes and I have been emailing someone who has Tourettes and I have finally finished my website. 

Here is the link for my website- Understanding Tourettes

This passion project has been such a good experience for me.  I have not only learnt about Tourettes, I have learnt how to build my own website.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

info report dogs

Dogs- by cejay
Dogs are very cool animals. Most dogs are not wild animals.
Hopefully this will help you learn about dogs.

Human foods that dogs can eat
These are the things that your dog can and  
Things that your dog can eat.

Eggs. Eggs are perfectly safe for dogs to eat.
Eggs have all the nutrients for your dog.
Make shore you cook the eggs properly.
Raw eggs can petionly make your dog sick.

Cooked chicken is safe for most dogs to eat.
Did you know that chicken is one of the
most common ingredients in dog food?

Mango is safe for your dog as a treat every once and awhile.
make sure you peel the skin of as it could be hard for he or she.

Exercising your dog.
Most dogs need between half an hour and two hours of
exercise a day.
Or walk your dog twice a day. One in the morning and one in
the afternoon.
Exercising your dog is really important. Because you probably
don't want your dog to be really fat.
Even if you just take your dog around the block.

  How to train your dog
So there are heaps of commands to teach your dog but i am
going to only teach you two.
First command is to sit.
To teach your dog this your going to need a piece of food
or a treat . Your going to hold the treat at his nose.
Then your going to keep the treat at his nose and then raise
your arm up and say sit as he or she sits down.
Keep practising this until it works.

Next command is to lie down.

To do this command is you are going to the same
thing just you are going to hold the treat to his or her nose
and go down to the ground.
And once he or she has laid down say lye down.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Gallipoli War

this beautiful piece of art work represents the Anzac Gallipoli war.

this art work has a message. the message is... The New Zealand people and the Australian people on there boats sailing to the Turkish shore just before war.
This art work was made with Sand Sticks,Leafs,Stones and dye.


Thursday, 22 March 2018

me and masons wit art work

this is me and masons wit art work.me and mason put a lot of hard work into this art work.
this art work shows kaitiakitanga. kaitiakitanga means guarding the environment. this art work is  the sun is guarding the mountain and the trees me and mason used the art style called impressionism.
me and mason are so happy on this art work. we had to do art work for the wall worthy art competition.  

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

WIT Reflection

W.I.T. reflection.

For our W.I.T we had to do something that is a voluntary community project that will have positive impact on others. For our W.I.T. (Wildly Important Task) We chose to teach the Kahikatea Kindy children how to play cricket.

When we taught the kindy how to play cricket they were kind of hard to teach because some of the kids weren't listening and some were.

For the first session we taught the kids how to bowl the ball. They were so good for their first time!  We first played a warm up game, which was hospital tag.  We think that all through out the first session they had lots and lots of fun.

Cejay and Greer.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

persuasive writing

V is not good for you
V is in the treats area at the supermarket because it has caffeine in it that makes you go crazy and when it goes down you crash and get really tired.

It has no healthy stuff in it.
V is so popular because it fat free and sugar free but they swap the sugar out with sweeteners.

It is not healthy and not made from natural food.
V is very unhealthy because it has chemicals such as guarana. which are bad for you so make sure you don't drink V.

Hopefully this helped you to not drink V
By cejay  
Image result for v energy drink